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Most common account - 1.75% Service Fee. No contracts.


For organizations with at least $250,000 in yearly online donations. Yearly contract fee of $4,500 and 0% service fees.


For organizations who will have sub-accounts / organizations that will also use the product. 0% Service Fee for you and any affiliates (who pay nothing).Your account can collect fees on affiliate transactions. Yearly contracts start at $6,500 w/ 4 affiliate accounts.

* all accounts will pay a credit card processing fee to Stripe. Their rate is the industry standard of 2.9% + $.30 per transactions. For non-profits (with a submitted 501c3 letter), they may offer discounted fees -- please contact for more information.

Non-Profits receive special processing rates from Stripe.

Knowing whether or not you are a non-profit allows us to accurately calculate potential service fees on transactions.

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